Author Interviews
4:35 am
Sat July 12, 2014

A Marriage In Crisis Is The Model For This 'Drawing'

Robin Black is also the author of If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This.
Picasa Random House

Originally published on Sat July 12, 2014 11:12 am

Life Drawing is a novel that will make you want to hug the person you love and never let go.

It's a thriller and a love story. But it isn't about over-the-moon, happy, young love; it's about love when the marriage is no longer easy, when every move the couple makes is haunted by a betrayal.

Life Drawing is Robin Black's first novel. She tells NPR's Tamara Keith why she chose to explore a marriage in crisis and the challenge of writing about Alzheimer's when she had no experience with the disease.

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Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!
5:56 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

Not My Job: Skier Mikaela Shiffrin Gets Quizzed On Downhill Cheese Races

Jonathan Nackstrand AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Sat July 12, 2014 11:23 am

Wait Wait is at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre this week, and so we've invited Colorado native Mikaela Shiffrin to play Not My Job. Shiffrin grew up in Vail, and this year at the Sochi Olympics, she became the youngest person ever to win an Olympic medal in slalom.

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This Week's Must Read
3:54 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

In Aftermath Of Brazil's World Cup Defeat, A Poem To Numb The Pain

Originally published on Fri July 11, 2014 7:21 pm

Any time you're facing big failure is a good time to revisit the 1888 poem "Casey at the Bat." It's the classic story of dashed optimism, of an entire city putting its hopes on the result of one single, heartbreaking at-bat. Here are the last stanzas. It's down to the wire. The Mudville team has two outs, two strikes, and they're hoping Casey will save them.

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Fine Art
3:54 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

After Decades In Storage, Damaged Rothko Murals Get High-Tech Restoration

Panel Five of Rothko's Harvard Murals hangs in Holyoke Center in January 1968.
Courtesy of Harvard University Archives

Originally published on Fri July 11, 2014 7:21 pm

Paintings by postwar abstract artist Mark Rothko are highly coveted — in May one of his works sold at auction in London for $50 million. But oddly enough, Harvard University has had a handful of Rothkos — faded by sunlight and splattered with food and drink — in storage. Now, new technology has led to a potentially controversial restoration.

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Movie Reviews
1:54 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

Oh, 'Boyhood!' Linklater's Cinematic Stunt Pays Off

Eller Coltrane — pictured here with screen family Ethan Hawke and Lorelei Linklater — grows from boy to man on-screen in Richard Linklater's new Boyhood.
IFC Productions

Originally published on Fri July 11, 2014 7:21 pm

Filmmaker Richard Linklater breezed through plenty of genres in his career, establishing that he's comfortable making loose comedies like Slacker, animated sci-fi thrillers like A Scanner Darkly, and even messing with longer-form studies in time with his Before trilogy, Before Sunset, Before Sunrise and Before Midnight.

Still, it's safe to say that he's never done anything even remotely like Boyhood, his latest film, because neither has anyone else.

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