Code Switch
1:55 am
Mon November 25, 2013

Hollywood's New Strategy: Supporting Chinese-Made Blockbusters

Hollywood's version of Iron Man 3 shown in China played down the rather unfortunately named baddie, The Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley.

Originally published on Mon November 25, 2013 12:11 pm

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Arts & Life
10:30 am
Sun November 24, 2013

Expatriates Make Do Or Do Without For Thanksgiving

Originally published on Mon November 25, 2013 12:03 pm



Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving's no problem, right? You go to the grocery store, you pick up your turkey, your cranberries, various other holiday delights and you're good to go. But putting together a Thanksgiving meal outside of these United States can sometimes require more creativity. We caught up with some American expats determined to conjure up the holiday. Jessica Osbourne in Seoul says there's one Thanksgiving food she can count on.

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Author Interviews
10:25 am
Sun November 24, 2013

Daniel Menaker's 'Mistake' Formed His Life View

Originally published on Sun November 24, 2013 12:50 pm



Daniel Menaker knows writing. He also knows writers. He' was the fiction editor at The New Yorker for 20 years and later editor-in-chief at Random House. He's worked with an astonishing group of writers over the years: Alice Munro, Elizabeth Strout, David Foster Wallace, Billy Collins. This list could go on and on. And, of course, he is a writer himself, the author of six books.

His latest, a memoir is called "My Mistake." It's arranged chronological starting at the very beginning of his obsession with words.

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Sunday Puzzle
7:28 am
Sun November 24, 2013

We Plant The Seed, You Pick The Tree


Originally published on Sun November 24, 2013 12:57 pm

On-air challenge: Every answer is the name of a tree. Identify the tree name from its anagram. For example, given "has," the answer would be "ash."

Last week's challenge from listener Steve Baggish of Arlington, Mass.: Think of a word meaning "quarrel" in which several of the letters appear more than once. Remove exactly two occurrences of every repeated letter, and the remaining letters can be rearranged to spell a new word meaning "quarrel." What are the two words?

Answer: Misunderstanding, argument

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Three Books...
6:03 am
Sun November 24, 2013

Day In, Day Out: Three Not-At-All-Boring Books On Tedium

Andrey Popov IStockphoto

Consider how many synonyms there are for tedium: boredom, monotony, uniformity, dreariness, ennui, listlessness, each with its own subtle nuances. Perhaps it says something about our society that we must differentiate between the boredom of the office cubicle and of the traffic jam.

None of the authors below set out to write a book about tedium, but hovering always just behind the scenes is that debilitating affliction, sluggish and repetitious, playing a central role in their lives.

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