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Faith Matters: Allan J. McDonald

21 hours ago

McDonald is a former NASA Engineer who opposed the Challenger launch and offers a personal look at the tragedy in his book Truth, Lies and O-rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. On January 28, 1986, as the Space Shuttle Challenger broke up over the Atlantic Ocean a mere 73 seconds into its flight, McDonald looked on in shock...despite the fact that the night before, he had refused to sign the launch recommendation over safety concerns. Join host Tom McGovern for this riveting discussion.

Crazy weather, we see it all the time, hail and haboobs; blizzards and heat waves; tornados and tropical storms. So there’s been a lot of extreme weather in the news lately; that doesn’t mean anything’s different, right?

The truth? Watch the newest Global Weirding to find out.

Visitors to National Ranching Heritage Center Annual Candlelight at the Ranch will step back in time to experience a frontier Christmas December 9-10. The event celebrates Christmas as it might have been on the open prairie from 1780 to 1950. More than 4,000 luminaries lining the paths of the historic park and more than 150 volunteer ranch hosts will dress in period clothing to recreates holiday scenes from another era. The event is free to the public with a minimum suggested $5 donation per family.

The Front Row: Caprock Celtic Christmas

Dec 6, 2016

KTTZ-FM, 89.1FM Program Director Clint Barrick visits with Dr. Christopher Smith, head of the Vernacular Music Center at the Texas Tech University School of Music, to discuss The Caprock Celtic Christmas, a treasured annual event for the South Plains since 2001. Singers, players, dancers, storytellers, and more gather to perform traditional repertoires of the session, including traditional Appalachian, Irish, and English dance; Gaelic-, Welsh-, and English-language traditional songs; instrumental dance tunes and slow airs, and much more.

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