4:30 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Tier 1


TTU System Chancellor Kent Hance and ITT co-host Robert Giovannetti discuss Tech's goal to reach Tier 1 and become a National Research University. Guests include Lubbock National Bank President & CEO, Terry Key, and Overton Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing, Marcie Reno.

1:18 pm
Thu September 1, 2011

Premiere Night was a Success!

Last night couldn’t have gone any more smoothly! Right when I walked in (fashionably late that is) the twenties music was playing, the women were wearing feathered headbands and some men had on a twenties fedoras. The food was amazing! The dessert was delicious! And hats off to Paul Hunton for putting together our highlight reel! It was such a different experience watching it in the LHUCA’s movie theater.

1:09 pm
Mon August 8, 2011

Volunteer Time!

Tonight from 5-7 the KTXT team will be out at the South Plains Food Bank helping out with their efforts to provide food for those who need it! Don’t worry, I’ll upload some pictures and you’ll have to check out the story we air on it as well TBA.