Jason Heller http://kttz.org en 'Black Moon' Imagines A Sleepless American Nightmare http://kttz.org/post/black-moon-imagines-sleepless-american-nightmare "It was a great time for storytellers," says Matthew Biggs, the central character in Kenneth Calhoun's haunting debut novel, <em>Black Moon</em>. The irony of his comment comes with a horrific aftertaste: The world is suffering from a sudden, unexplainable pandemic that's made everyone a perpetual insomniac. Biggs is one of the few who can still sleep. Humanity's state of chronic wakefulness has caused mass insanity — in the noonday sun, dreams overflow and chaos reigns. Thu, 06 Mar 2014 12:03:00 +0000 Jason Heller 40389 at http://kttz.org 'Black Moon' Imagines A Sleepless American Nightmare