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10:42 am
Wed September 19, 2012

The Cliburn: 50 Years of Gold

Van Cliburn with Haochen Zhang, just after he was named a gold medalist of the Thirteenth Cliburn Competition in 2009.
Courtesy of Altre Media/Van Cliburn Foundation

Every four years, a group of the world’s finest young pianists takes the stage at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in Fort Worth, Texas. Amid the drama, beauty, nerves and excitement, they know one thing is true — the outcome there can change their lives. Through the eyes and memories of 15 gold medalists, this program follows the 50-year history of one of the world’s most prestigious music competitions. The retrospective includes historic footage and interviews with Van Cliburn.

Airs Friday at 8pm on Channel 5.

10:28 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Thistle And Shamrock: Celtic Show Bands

Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Wed September 26, 2012 8:43 am

Hear big-band style brass sections and other instrumental combinations as they create cutting edge grooves and a big bold acoustic sound.

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10:24 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Nature: The Animal House

A burrowing owl peers out from its burrow, California.
Courtesy of ©Tom Vezo/Nature Picture Library

Why do some animals build structures and others don’t? And how do animals decide where to build? Animal homes need to be safe and secure, protected from predators and the weather. An eagle’s nest can weigh up to one ton, a termite mound can stand eight feet tall, and some falcon nest sites have been around for centuries. Going above ground and under, NATURE investigates just what goes into making a home when you’re wild and cost is not a factor.

Airs Wednesday at 7pm on Channel 5.

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Field Recordings
10:14 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Micachu & The Shapes: Weeds In The Forest

Micachu and the Shapes perform for a Field Recordings video in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.
Mito Habe-Evans NPR

Originally published on Tue December 31, 2013 1:21 pm

Experimental musician Mica Levi, a.k.a. Micachu, doesn't exactly fit comfortably into her surroundings: She cuts a vaguely otherworldly, not-so-vaguely androgynous figure, and sings strangely pretty, jagged little songs with the aid of odd tunings and a tiny guitar, which dangles from crudely tied twine. She identifies herself as a pop singer, but while her songs are catchy enough, they're no one's idea of pop-radio fodder.

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The Salt
10:10 am
Wed September 19, 2012

McRib Fans May Have To Wait Till Christmas For Their Sandwich Fix

McDonald's plans to delay the return of the seasonal McRib sandwich in the hopes it can help boost late winter sales.

Originally published on Wed September 19, 2012 11:21 am

It's not quite as iconic as falling leaves, crisp air, and football, but the McDonald's McRib is usually something folks look forward to enjoying in the autumn months. Not happening this year, according to a company memo obtained by Advertising Age.

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10:04 am
Wed September 19, 2012

FRONTLINE: Dropout Nation

Sharpstown High School graduation ceremony, June 3, 2012, Houston, Texas. Of the 455 students who entered the class as freshmen, 217 made it to graduation.
Courtesy of FRONTLINE

What does it take to save a student? Every year, hundreds of thousands of teenagers in the United States quit high school without diplomas — an epidemic so out of control that nobody knows the exact number. What is clear is that massive dropout rates cripple individual career prospects and cloud the country’s future. At Houston’s Sharpstown High, once a notorious “dropout factory,” a high-stakes experiment is underway to rescue students from the edge.

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9:59 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Market Warriors: Brimfield, MA

This week on MARKET WARRIORS, our pickers (Miller, John, Bob and Kevin) return to one of the largest markets in the world, the Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, MA. As off-screen host Mark L. Walberg describes, they scour the 16 fields of vendors in search of the best piece of art pottery. Some notable picks include a Rookwood vase and a painted blanket chest. In this week’s episode, one picker is drawn to an item that will bring them great rewards while another buys a forgery that will cause them to second-guess their knowledge.

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9:55 am
Wed September 19, 2012

Wallander: Before the Frost

Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander
Courtesy of ©Laurence Cendrowicz/Left Bank Pictures/BBC for MASTERPIECE

An escapee from a psychiatric hospital sets fire to a flock of geese and then incinerates a passing hiker. And he’s far from finished. While investigating, Wallander is unexpectedly visited by Anna, an old friend of his estranged daughter, Linda (Jeany Spark, “Sherlock”). Then Anna disappears. As more arson attacks occur, it appears that Anna may be connected and that Wallander must reconcile with Linda and join forces to find Anna at all costs. Father-daughter concord is hardly helped by Linda’s memory that her dad once had an affair with Anna’s mother.

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The Picture Show
9:49 am
Wed September 19, 2012

An Octogenarian's Opus: A Portrait Of Newburgh, N.Y.

Dmitri Kasterine

Following a tip from a friend one day, photographer Dmitri Kasterine drove 15 miles from his home in Garrison, N.Y., to nearby Newburgh. What he found there was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Kasterine was immediately drawn to the crumbling Victorian houses, the neglected buildings, and, most strikingly, the unassuming grace of the people on the street. But when he tried to take his first photo, his subject told him to go away. Still, Kasterine returned, and kept coming back for the next 16 years.

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9:47 am
Wed September 19, 2012

ACL: Coldplay

Courtesy of Scott Newton for KLRU

Grammy-winners Coldplay, the modern-rock giants who have sold more than 50 million records worldwide, perform hits and selections from their newest LP, Mylo Xyloto.

Airs Saturday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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