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The Salt
1:21 pm
Fri September 21, 2012

Juice Maker Helps Tight End Block Thieving Teammates

Niles Paul (right) at a Redskins practice with then-teammate Tim Hightower, before the juice-stealing incidents came to light.
Carolyn Kaster AP

Originally published on Fri September 21, 2012 3:58 pm

Niles Paul had a problem. The second-year tight end for the Washington Redskins couldn't stop his teammates from stealing his Capri Sun. You know, Capri Sun — those sugary-sweet packets of juice that come in triangular foil containers with their own straws attached.

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The Two-Way
1:19 pm
Fri September 21, 2012

Romney's 2011 Tax Return Shows He Paid At 14.1 Percent Rate, Campaign Says

Originally published on Fri September 21, 2012 5:53 pm

Mitt Romney and his wife Ann paid $1,935,708 in federal taxes last year on income of $13,696,951, an effective tax rate for the couple of 14.1 percent, the Republican presidential nominee's campaign just reported.

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A Blog Supreme
1:03 pm
Fri September 21, 2012

Around The Jazz Internet: Sept. 21, 2012

Guitarist John Abercrombie.
Howard Goodman ECM Records

Originally published on Fri September 21, 2012 5:10 pm

Happy John Coltrane birthday on Sunday.

  • Pianist Michael Wolff talks about his Cal Tjader tribute for the San Jose Mercury News. I do know Wolff as a New York pianist but didn't know he was musical director of The Arsenio Hall Show or that he's from the Bay Area.
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12:35 pm
Fri September 21, 2012

What The Doctor Ordered: Building New Body Parts



This is SCIENCE FRIDAY. I'm Ira Flatow. Over 115,000 Americans are currently waiting for an organ transplant, and most of them are in need of a kidney. Now, what if we could just create a kidney for them in the laboratory? One of my next guests has experimented with printing out organs using an inkjet printer, but instead of ink, he uses cells.

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Monkey See
12:31 pm
Fri September 21, 2012

The Stinkin' Thinkin' of Young Abe Lincoln

Cover of The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln © 2012 Noah Van Sciver.
Fantagraphics Books

The most beloved, most studied, most-likely-to-get-played-by-Daniel-Day-Lewis man to ever hold the office of President of the United States was himself a house divided.

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