Linda Holmes

Linda Holmes writes and edits NPR's entertainment and pop-culture blog, Monkey See. She has several elaborate theories involving pop culture and monkeys, all of which are available on request.

Holmes began her professional life as an attorney. In time, however, her affection for writing, popular culture and the online universe eclipsed her legal ambitions. She shoved her law degree in the back of the closet, gave its living-room space to DVD sets of The Wire and never looked back.

Holmes was a writer and editor at Television Without Pity, where she recapped several hundred hours of programming — including both High School Musical movies, for which she did not receive hazard pay. Since 2003, she has been a contributor to, where she has written about books, movies, television and pop-culture miscellany.

Holmes' work has also appeared on Vulture (New York magazine's entertainment blog), in TV Guide and in many, many legal documents.


Monkey See
11:40 am
Tue July 10, 2012

How Should You Watch And Read And Listen? However You Want

Marcelo Poleze

However you want to watch Breaking Bad is fine with me.

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Monkey See
10:13 am
Fri July 6, 2012

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Lure Of The Open Road


Originally published on Fri July 6, 2012 10:28 am

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Among the many things to which we turn our thoughts in summer is road-tripping — particularly apt because Glen Weldon and Stephen Thompson were both traveling this week, bringing Mike Katzif and Barrie Hardymon to the discussion with me and Trey Graham. We had a chat about all manner of road movies, from the classic dust-and-motorcycles type to the kind that might not even appear to be a road movie until you look more closely.

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Monkey See
10:30 am
Tue July 3, 2012

A Nerd Is Not A Geek: Two Spins On Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man.
Jaimie Trueblood Sony Pictures

The biggest challenge The Amazing Spider-Man faces might be surprisingly existential for a summer blockbuster: Why should it be?

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Monkey See
1:53 pm
Sat June 23, 2012

Sorkin's 'Newsroom' Is No Place For Optimism

Jeff Daniels stars in HBO's new series, The Newsroom.
Melissa Moseley HBO

Originally published on Sun June 24, 2012 7:14 am

There is a moment in Aaron Sorkin's 1995 romance The American President in which Sydney (Annette Bening) asks her boyfriend Andrew (Michael Douglas), who happens to be President of the United States, the following question: "How do you have patience for people who claim to love America but clearly can't stand Americans?"

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Monkey See
7:47 am
Fri June 22, 2012

Silverdocs Catch-Up: Poets, Politics, And George Plimpton As Himself

George Plimpton plays with the Detroit Lions in Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself.

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