Marc Hirsh

Marc Hirsh lives in the Boston area, where he indulges in the magic trinity of improv comedy, competitive adult four square and music journalism. He has won trophies for one of these, but refuses to say which.

He writes for the Boston Globe and has also been spotted on MSNBC and in the pages of Amplifier, the Nashville Scene, the Baltimore City Paper and Space City Rock, where he is the co-publisher and managing editor.

He once danced onstage with The Flaming Lips while dressed as a giant frog. It was very warm.


Monkey See
2:13 pm
Mon May 7, 2012

The Tyranny Of Character: Will The Real Sacha Baron Cohen Please Stand Up?

Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen in The Dictator.
Paramount Pictures

If you've had an eye on pop culture recently, chances are you've seen Admiral General Aladeen, the subject of Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming movie The Dictator.

You might have seen him on this weekend's Saturday Night Live, trading quips with Seth Meyers (and prisoner Martin Scorsese!).

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Song Of The Day
6:03 am
Tue May 1, 2012

Grace Woodroofe: Eerie Calm Amid The Chaos

While her band rages in "Transformer," Grace Woodroofe stares down the object of her devotion without blinking.
Ben Sullivan

Grace Woodroofe's "Transformer" kicks in with a guttural lurch, the groan of the guitars and the clatter of the drums bulldozing everything in their path before the singer's rippling alto steps into the rubble. The effect is akin to Fiona Apple fronting The Stooges, so it seems inevitable that she'll eventually match the tenor of her band and start howling.

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Monkey See
11:53 am
Tue April 24, 2012

'...Baby One More Time' One More Time

A screencap from the Britney Spears video, "...Baby One More Time."

Originally published on Tue April 24, 2012 3:09 pm

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