24 Frames: Best Films of 2012

Jan 17, 2013

24 Frames host Paul Hunton shares his favorite films from 2012.


It is awards season and what better time to look back over 2012 and pick some of my favorite films. The good news is some of these are still in theaters here in Lubbock and most of the others are available on DVD, Netflix, or Redbox. These are in no particular order but rather just 5 films that I really enjoyed this year. Number 5 is “Looper” this time traveling head trip will leave you asking more questions than it answers but it’s worth the wild ride. Number 4 is “Life of Pi” this book to screen adaptation is fantastic and the visuals are breathtaking. Director Ang Lee masterfully navigates this lost at sea story about a boy, his tiger, and his faith. Number 3 is “Lincoln” this biopic is a master class in acting from a stellar cast but Daniel Day Lewis as The Great Emancipator steals the show. Number 2 is the documentary “The Queen of Versailles” this film is a perfect microcosm of how, why, and where our country got off track with the financial debt of 2008 and is flying under the radar of just about everyone. It’s available on Netflix for instant streaming. Finally my number 1 is “Django Unchained” Quentin Tarantino’s new film is a bloodbath of action and fun. “Django” is full of great performances and some hilarious side steps.