30th Annual Lubbock Summer Jazz Festival

Jun 27, 2013

On Tuesday, Alan Shinn directed his last concert leading the Texas Tech Summer Big Band at the 30th Annual Lubbock Summer Jazz Festival.

The band included 23 people, with local professional players and Tech students and faculty. They performed three sets in the Allen Theatre in the Student Union. The theme for the festival concert was “Keep the Costumer Satisfied.”

Andrew Gomez, Tech saxophone player, said he felt privileged to play with this band.

“We play a lot with band directors, and people who have been playing for a long time,” Gomez said.

Featured pianist, Adam Smith, said even though he has played the piano since he was 10 years old, practicing and preparing for a jazz concert is more difficult, but he enjoys the challenge.

“It’s fun if you are nerdy like me,” Smith said.

Gomez said jazz is a great type of music to play and it brings culture to the community.

“It is really free-spirited,” he said.

Alan Shinn said jazz makes him most happy and hopes their music brings the same joy to the audience.

“It takes me to places where I want to go,” Shinn said.

The School of Music and the College of Visual and Performing Arts sponsored the event.