Album Review: Brown Bird- Fits of Reason

May 9, 2013

  Fans familiar with the minimalist style of Brown Bird will be pleased to know that on their new album— Fits of Reason— they continue the tradition. However, not all is the same. Unlike their previous albums, Fits of Reason has more of an electric sound. While their new album incorporates more electric guitar and bass into songs, their unique folk nature isn’t lost. The southern twang on the guitar, a lively fiddle melody, and the rhythm of stomping feet all come together in this album to encompass typical western folk sound we all know; although, Fits of Reason contains other elements that aren’t so familiar. Brown Bird beautifully blends the ethnic sounds of the Southwest with nuances from the Middle East. The emphasis on strings allows for the band to easily transition from one style to the next, which meshes both Eastern and Western folk music together in a mesmerizing manner. Fits of Reason may be a bold experiment that avid listeners of Brown Bird may not immediately recognize; however, given the time, the album will connect old expectations to new sounds that any audience can certainly find comfort in.