Mar 1, 2012


Monday, Marcela and I were in West Lubbock to feature Rock Solid Athletics for Locally Owned. RSA is your place for gymnastics, tumbling, dance, karate, sports fitness and more! There are trampolines, a foam-filled boat, and the staff is incredible! We’ll show you even more in next week’s edition of LO.

So, while we were scouting the gym last week, I mentioned to Marcela how I’ve never done a cartwheel. Bad move. This little bit of info gives Marcela the great idea to have me learn one. On camera.

I am not the most coordinated person on the planet (you already know this if you tuned in to LO: Dance With Me). My talents lie elsewhere, and I’m fine with that. Even so, I am not one to turn down a challenge and began to prepare myself for a my first attempt at a cartwheel.

Come Monday, we decide to have the pre-k class teach me a cartwheel since that’s normally the level they learn this valuable life skill. So the kids are flipping cartwheels all around like it’s nothing. Which makes me think, “oh, this will be a piece of cake…”

Words cannot do justice to my first acrobatic attempt. You will have to tune in to Locally Owned this Sunday 3/4 at 7:50pm, Monday 3/5 at 9pm, Thursday 3/7 at 8:25pm or Friday 3/8 at 8:25pm.

Did I succeed? Did I fail epically? Did I break anything? Tune in to see!

Also tune in to see the really talented gymnasts  flipping all over the place and learn more about Rock Solid Athletics!