The Christmas Curmudgeon on 89.1FM

Dec 13, 2012

The radio play, "The Christmas Curmudgeon", is a parody of "A Christmas Carol" but in an alternative universe where Scrooge's son has him committed because he is giving all of his money away.  That said, the Christmas message communicated to Scrooge is not passed on to his descendants.  Our modern day Scrooge is a trial attorney who somehow managed to trademark the word "Christmas".  He celebrates the season by serving injunctions to prevent anyone from using or even 

mentioning the word "Christmas" unless exorbitant royalties are paid.  

Rest assured, he will be visited by three ghosts!

The radio play was written exclusively for KTTZ Radio Theatre and is a world premiere featuring original songs and lyrics.

Title:  The Christmas Curmudgeon

Produced by KTTZ Radio Theatre

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Charles Moster

Directed by Michelle Dillard

Sound Engineering & Editing by Clinton Barrick and Paul Hunton

Broadcast Dates - KTTZ - 89.1 FM

Dec. 20 - 7pm

Dec. 22 - 3pm

Dec. 24 - 7pm


1.      Scrooge - Matthew Gallagher

2.      Bob Cratchit - Chris Davis

3.      Jacob Marley - Stan Tucker

4.      Judge - Michelle Dillard

5.      Belle-Kim Klafka

6.      Young Scrooge-Paul Hunton

7.      Mrs. Cratchit-Mickie Klafka

8.      Woman in elevator-Mickie Klafka

9.      Nurse-1-Kim Klafka

10.     Nurse-2-Mickie Klafka

11.     Music Director-Paul Hunton

12.     Clerk of Court-Paul Hunton

13.     Tiny Tim-Kim Klafka

14.     Child-1-Kim Klafk