Day 2 of the Buffalo Springs Ironman

Jul 3, 2013

Day two of the Buffalo Springs Ironman started at sunrise with the pro males, females and handcyclists. After a long rain the night before, the athletes jumped in the spring fed lake braving the cold temperatures.

Denise Jaggers, owner of Cafe J and Margaritas Border Cafe, said her son Blake Jaggers, a graduate of Tech, is on a tri team competing against the pros. She said there was not much advice she could give them, because they have it all under control.

"You go, Blaky," Jaggers said.

Natalie Steadman, triathlon medical coordinator, athletic trainer in the athletic training program and a professor at the health sciences center at Tech, said Tech is a huge asset with their involvement in the triathlon. 

"There is a lot of science involved," she said.

For athletes to continue running and maintain the circulation of blood sugar, Steadman said athletes will use liquids to get their sugar rush.

As a former Ironman competitor, Steadman said she would always have a quote to motivate her and keep her from losing strength and letting fatigue set in.

"Be the bunny, like the energizer bunny - just keep going," she said.