Having Fun at Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue

May 31, 2012

There’s something to be said about people who dedicate their lives to helping those who are helpless. The something I have in mind isn’t great, or even wonderful. It goes much beyond that. I call these special souls, saviors. Ramona Foxworth is one of these saviors who has dreamed of creating a horse haven for her entire life. She made this dream a reality 5 years ago. Ramona has already saved more than 60 horses who came from unfortunate circumstances, and that is putting things lightly. She sees the beauty in horses other people have thrown away, and does everything in her power to give them what they need. For Ramona, there is no circumstance too severe she isn’t willing to tackle. She even makes sure her rescue horses are adopted into loving homes once they are ready. I had the privilege of visiting Gypsy Heart sanctuary earlier this week on a shoot. I was touched by Ramona’s kind treatment of her rescued horses, and it was very apparent the horses loved and trusted her very much. Even though some of these horses had been exposed to the worst kind of physical and emotional abuse, they seemed happy and were obviously fed very well. She had taught them not all humans are bad, and that love is possible. The horses surrounded Ramona when I was interviewing her, and they were acting like in-your-pocket pets. It really made me happy there is a place like this in Lubbock where hope shines through for horses even when the world seems like a dark place. If you’d like to get involved at Gypsy Heart sanctuary, Ramona is always looking for helping hands. She said she mainly seeks volunteers who want to interact with and socialize the horses, and any kind of donation is appreciated beyond belief. Gypsy Heart is a non-profit organization.

For more information, visit http://www.gypsyhearthorserescue.net/. I’ll keep you posted on when the Gypsy Heart story will air on Channel 5. And don't forget to click through some snap shots we took while out on the shoot!

Until next time ~Sophia