History Detectives: Double Episode

Jul 20, 2012

It's a double dose of History Detectives! At 7pm, we kick off the night with episode 2 of season 10. In it, Tukufu makes an intriguing discovery researching a 1920s album by "All K.K.K. Records." Can we trace these Civil War era pistols to the family of the officer who bought them? Did Motown great James Jamerson pump his My Girl bass line through this Ampeg Amp?

Then at 8, it's another new episode! Country Music singer Clint Black is stunned by what we discover about his Book of Rogues. And, could this molten chunk of metal be part of the B-25 that crashed into the Empire State building?

Tune in to Channel 5 Tuesday, July 24, at 7pm for back-to-back History Detectives!

Watch the full episode.