Kliff Kingsbury Hosts his First Women's Clinic

Jul 26, 2013

Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury hosted his first women's clinic under the lights, Thursday night before the Red Raiders open for fall training camp. 

The ladies got a look inside the Texas Tech football program, and the training athletes have to endure. To name a few athletes: Jace Amaro, Michael Brewer, Terrance Bullitt and Eric Ward were in attendance to help train the ladies of Lubbock.

Missy Watson, Kelly Jenkins and Jessica Perez said this year was more fun than last year.

"We are all having a great time," Watson said. 

Sarah Foley, director of student services, said it makes them appreciate what all the athletes have to go through.

Outside linebacker, Terrance Bullitt, said it's funny to watch all the ladies who love Kliff.

"He is a lady's man," Bullitt said. 

Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury said the women tend to be more emotional to coach, but the men pout. 

"These women are really working hard," Kingsbury said.