KTTZ-FM: Spring Pledge Drive

Apr 18, 2013

I’m Paul Hunton and this is 24 frames on 89.1 fm. It’s pledge time here on 89.1 and I wanted to take the time to talk to you a little about what that means. 

Texas Tech Public Broadcasting is the voice of the arts in Lubbock and West Texas and we strive to bring you all the stories, events, and experiences that make this part of the country so unique. From movie reviews, to interviews with people like Peter Buffett and Judy Collins , to inside glimpses of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, and Moonlight Musicals,  we cover the arts like no one else.  The Hub City has a thriving arts scene full of talented musicians and artists whose stories deserve to be told. I’ve talked about it on this segment before but it pains me when I hear people say they have nothing to do;  I take that as a personal challenge to bring you the details and events that not only will entertain you but hopefully inspire and nurture your soul.

The bottom line is we can’t bring you all this information and cover these wonderful events without your monetary support. We are a unique media enterprise in which we have the opportunity to cover stories that no one else can but it takes listener support by donating anywhere from $10 to $100 because it’s those donations that keep us on the air and insure that we can continue to be the voice of the arts in Lubbock.  We receive funds from the federal government as well as Texas Tech University but it’s your financial support that brings segments like mine to the air, as well as the wonderful classical music programmed by station manager Clint Barrick and programs like Morning Edition. None of it would be here without you, so when we talk about the importance of listeners it can’t be overstated that you play a part in this, that you matter, and without you we couldn’t continue. I recently attended a music event called Chapafest and heard several local bands and talked with the people in attendance. It was amazing to hear these young musicians and fans talk with enthusiasm about public broadcasting. It’s that kind of enthusiasm that excites me about the growth of the arts scene in Lubbock. It’s a privilege and an honor to do this and I am truly thankful for your support, please keep listening.

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