LP&L Under Public Scrutiny

Jul 29, 2013

Recently, Lubbock Power and Light has come under public scrutiny for under billing 44,000 citizens of Lubbock in June, and many citizens in July had their bills increase by 100 dollars, because of a higher rate for fuel costs. 

The citizens of Lubbock gathered in front of LP&L's front doors, and protested for 48 hours last week. 

Janie Calvillo has lived in Lubbock all of her life and is disabled. She said this is one of many recent problems she has had to deal with, with LP&L.

"We were without electricity for four days, and we tried to contact them," Calvillo said. "They never answered."

Heather Eubanks, who works for Children Proctective Services, said she wants to know what her money is going towards.

After the protest, LP&L hosted a press conference Friday morning. 

The Mayor Glen Robertson was in attendance and started to address both issues.

"The focus has been diverted, but not intentionally," he said. "The biggest thing that hit our citizens was the fuel costs," Robertson said.

LP&L's Board Chairman Gail King said there are good people at that company who are doing the best they can.

"It's hard to be a business when it gets political," King said.