Pledge to KNCH-FM San Angelo

Jul 12, 2013

It's pledge time and It's easy to become a member of KNCH, simply make a donation. A contribution--think of it as an investment--of only $35 dollars makes you a member of Texas Tech Public Broadcasting for an entire year. 

Would you like to continue supporting KNCH throughout your year of membership? Select the appropriate amount you can contribute annually, indicate "Installments" on the membership form, and your donation will automatically be split into 12 equal payments and charged to your credit card every month for the next year.

KNCH depends on support from individuals like you in order to continue to thrive. KNCH must pay for the programming you hear on 90.1FM. This all requires financial support from you, the audience. 

90.1FM would cease to exist without the support of our members-- we appreciate you.