Pull Up a Chair, and Let's Share

Jan 27, 2011


Howdy, and welcome to the 24 Frames blog. My name is Paul Hunton and I will be your host. I am a Director/Producer for KTTZ-TV Channel 5 in Lubbock Texas. The Film Frame exists to bring to you information about upcoming and ongoing productions in the Lubbock area,  film reviews,  ”how to” articles,  updates on my ongoing projects for KTTZ, interviews, guest writing, and other bits and pieces of my brain.

For starters, here is a couple sketches from our once alive but now dead online comedy show “Land Shark Comedy”.  The first one has a Christmas theme and really hammers home how much we should love and take care of our grandparents, which is fantastic, because we are celebrating my grandmother’s 82nd birthday tonight. It stars myself and my twin brother Matt, it was filmed in 2008, and we are going to enter it in to Tosh.0′s viewer video in hopes that it makes the cut. The second one might offend people, not because it’s offensive but because it’s not funny. I for one, think it’s terribly funny, you might just find it terrible. Enjoy!


(Paste YouTubeURL here)


Also if anyone has any ideas they want to discuss about film or film theory, knows of films being made in the area that they would like to see highlighted on The Film Frame, wants to write a review, or just wants me to shut up please email me. Thank you!