Taking a leap of faith for Camp Lead

Jun 4, 2012

My heart was beating so loud I could hear it rattling in my ears. I’m not sure if I was breathing hard because of the moderate physical activity, or if the jitters were causing me to hyperventilate.  By the time I climbed my way up the 40 foot power pole to attempt a leap of faith, I was just repeating one silent wish in my head; “I hope I don’t fall.” Standing up on that little platform while the pole is shaking beneath you is way harder than it looks…but I found a way to balance myself and I slowly lifted into a stance. I tip toed my way around and faced the bar…it looked close enough to reach but far enough away to make it a huge leap! I spilled out my delivery in one take, which I was NOT planning on being able to do. I’m not the “one take wonder” kind of reporter, but somehow my conscious just knew I had to do this without messing up. I delivered my last sentence, and in one big blur I jumped as hard as I could…I reached for the bar and BANG! To my surprise I caught it! I hung suspended in the air from the bar and realized in that moment letting go of the bar would be scarier than jumping for it. I reluctantly let go and was reeled safely to the ground. The experience was a great one, and my need for adrenaline was filled for the day…or maybe the entire week!

This awesome experience plus many more is what high school students around the state get to do during their 3 day adventure at Camp Lead. The students are faced with many challenges and team building activities, and learn that being a leader means not only guiding, but that listening is equally important. Camp Lead stands for Leadership Education and Development, and it’s specifically designed for students entering their junior year. These students have shown leadership potential and were specifically selected to attend this camp. Texas Tech puts on this program, and it is hosted at the Spirit Ranch and on Tech’s campus. It has received tremendous support from Lubbock and the surrounding communities. For more information about Camp Lead, visit their website: http://www.ttu.edu/camplead/about.php.

The story for Camp Lead will air as a segment on Inside Texas Tech with Chancellor Kent Hance during the month of July, Thursdays at 8.

Until next time, climb on! ~Sophia