Texas Tech offers class on the Living Dead

Jul 9, 2013

Texas Tech students, if you are looking for a class towards a visual performing arts credit, look no further than Honors 1304 Zombie Culture: The Zombie in History, Film, Literature, Sequential Art and the Popular Imagination.

The class is based heavily in film, but the class will look at the zombie in other historical areas like literature, sequential art, video games, and popular culture in general. 

“The class will discuss and try to define what exactly is a zombie,” Weiner said. “Why are they popular? Why since 9/11 are we fascinated with these ugly rotting creatures that seem to have no purpose, but to make us one of them?”

Students will be asked to read several books, scholarly articles, and write papers and complete presentations on their findings. 

Weiner said he thinks the zombie is a metaphor for persuading people to be one with the crowd. He said zombies will try and make you one of them, and it is about going against the crowd and helping humanity survive.