Texas Tech Rec gets involved with the Community

Jul 1, 2013

Even though many students go back home during summer, the Texas Tech Rec stays open to the remaining students, community, and faculty and staff, and their families.

This summer the Rec is offering more opportunities for the community, such as a kid’s triathlon, summer intramurals, swim lessons and summer youth sports camps and senior youth camps.

“Our youth camp is 7-14 years old, boys and girls. We take 130 kids each session,” Brett Jackson, intramurals and special events assistant director, said.

The Kid’s Triathlon is for children ages 7-14, on Saturday, July 13, and the Learn-To-Swim program introduces swimming, diving and other aquatic activities. The Rec also offers private and semi-private lessons.

Associate Director of Fitness and Wellness, Betty Blanton, said their goal is to make available as many opportunities as they can to keep people healthy.

“We want to provide a wide variety of activities and programs and facilities, so the Texas Tech community has a place to meet their physical activity needs,” she said.

Blanton has worked at the Tech Rec center since 1979, when the building had yet to be finished.

“When I came here the Rec was a big whole in the ground, it was finally completed, and we opened in 1980,” she said.

Jackson said, as the Rec continues to grow and be involved with the community, he hopes to keep children active and start healthy lifestyles early.