24 Frames

Saturdays @ 9pm

24 Frames is a KTTZ-TV Original Production highlighting Film, Art, Culture, and Music in Texas. If you know of an artist, musician, filmmaker, or an event we should cover please email Paul Hunton, host of 24 Frames.

Benton Leachman: "Desire"

Apr 21, 2015

A few weeks ago Benton Leachman performed "Desire" off his album "Bury the Hatchet" on 24 Frames.

Check out his performance below.

24 Frames LIVE Event!

Apr 2, 2015

This Saturday join Texas Tech Public Media at 7pm at the Bluelight in Lubbock as we tape an all music version of the show featuring, Slow Relics, Kenneth O'Meara and Daniel Markham. Tickets are $10. 

24 Frames at SXSW Day 3

Mar 16, 2015

Good morning dear readers. Another beautiful day in Austin at SXSW. Yesterday saw some surprises the first of which came at my daily hangout in the PBS Lounge where I usually write emails and do other work related things before moving on to workshops and screenings. As I sat writing yesterday's blog post I struck up a conversation with a nice man who told me it was his first SXSW experience. We introduced ourselves, and his name was Walter Isaacson.

Another day at SXSW means less and less sleep for your author. Yesterday was another amazing day at the fest, as you would expect. I started off with a few panel discussions, workshops, and meetups. The best talk of the day was a panel discussion about American Experience's The Last Days of Vietnam which aired on PBS last year(If you just want to hear about celebrity sightings and movies skip down below the numbers). If you haven't seen the film you need to, it is one of the most powerful films about such a difficult time in the world.