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Inside Texas Tech: Learn with OLLI

Feb 7, 2017

I had a great time visiting with OLLI Director, Shelby Crews for this edition of Inside Texas Tech! We discussed the unique opportunity OLLI provides to those 50+ with a thirst for knowledge. With classes ranging from a concert with Cashed Out (johnny cash tribute band) to learning the inner workings of the FBI, there is something for everyone. Click here for more information.

Recently I had the pleasure to visit with the Director and Executive Producer of a ground-breaking film. In my conversation with Director Paul Allen Hunton and Executive Producer Dr. David Weindorf, I discovered Between Earth & Sky is the first film of its kind to explore global climate change through the lens of soil science, and tells the story of global climate change by shining a light on arctic soils, ecosystems, and the livelihood of Alaskan-Americans.

Inside Texas Tech: EPA Regulations

Jan 27, 2017

On this edition of Inside Texas Tech we visit with Political Science Professor Seth McKee about the mandates issued toward the EPA. Specifically the freeze on all contracts and grants and the ban on social media. Take a listen.

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On this edition of Inside Texas Tech, we visiting with Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia and current Vice Provost for International Affairs…Ambassador Tibor Nagy. Nagy has advised two Presidential campaigns, serving as Gov. Romney’s Africa policy group chair in 2012 and on then Presidential candidate Obama’s Africa group in 2008. We visited about a wide array of topics regarding a Trump Presidency and we hear some of the Ambassadors predictions for the coming year. Click the link above to take a listen!