24 Frames

On this episode of the 24 Frames Podcast, Brent Collins of Fanboy Hobby in Lubbock, Texas talks about cosplay that matters and why he chose a hobby with meaning!

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This week 2 different Lubbock artists, Michael Shaw and Rey Ramos, talk about their processes, motivations and styles on DUELING ARTISTS!

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Michael Harper, lead programmer at Alamo Drathouse in Lubbock, Texas, joins us this week to talk about movies and movies theaters.

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More info at Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock or the Alamo Facebook Page. #mykttz

Nathan Hussey of the band All Get Out performs as part of 24 Frames Live at the Cactus Theater.

Happy Halloween!  Renee Gade from the haunted attraction Nightmare on 19th Street in Lubbock joins us to talk about special effects, haunted houses and all things spooky on this special Halloween episode of 24 Frames!

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Nightmare on 19th has brought the South Plains ten years of fear and is the only Halloween theme park in West Texas featuring four haunted attractions.