24 Frames

24 Frames Explores CrossFit

Jan 26, 2016

24 Frames traveled to Midland, TX to get a peak into the world of CrossFit: the fitness craze that combines cardio, weight training, endurance training, and community all in one session. 

24 Frames Podcast Talks To Tom Mooney Of 'New Slang'

Jan 21, 2016

The 24 Frames Podcast is back again, this time talking to Tom Mooney, the editor for 'New Slang,' an online publication dedicated to covering the music and arts scene in Lubbock. 

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Have you ever wondered how the crew behind 24 Frames were able to film their podcasts with the entire room in one take? Well, that's because KTTZ-TV is the first studio in Lubbock, Texas to acquire a 360-degree camera! 

24 Frames was lucky enough to get a live performance from the Lubbock, rockabilly band, Sugarwitch. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Jessica Robinson gives a raw performance accompanied by Brian Duhan on guitar, Dave Dischord on upright bass, and Logan Moore on percussion.  

24 Frames Podcast Reviews 'The Revenant'

Jan 14, 2016

This week Paul is joined by two of his favorite film critics, Blain Grimes and Tim Day, to talk about 'The Revenant'.