The Front Row: Robert Burns Supper

Jan 26, 2017

On this episode of The Front Row, Clint Barrick visits with Father Edson Way about the Robert Burns Supper. The event celebrates the dynamic Scottish Heritage along with the Romantic Poetry of Robert Burns and features the music of Daimh. Tickets for both the supper and concert are $75 and available here.

This is the time of year when "Top Ten" lists come pouring out of the wood work. From the top ten albums, to the top ten actors, films, fashion and on and on--we love to aggregate our year into lists. I’m no different, but instead of giving you a top ten list, I’m just going tell you about a group of nonfiction films that I saw this year and really enjoyed. 

Dusty Deen

Paul Hunton visits with Tim Day of Day at the Movies to discuss the buzz worthy Pacific Rim. You can listen to Paul's reviews on 89.1 every Thursday and watch 24 Frames on channel 5 Saturday evenings at 9:00.

From making coffee to taking out the trash...take a listen as Chancellor Kent Hance discusses the keys to be a valued employee, no matter your occupation.

This week, Ryon and David visit with Gwen Stafford about the Affordable Care Act and ponder the question: Is health care a right or a privilege to those who can afford it?  You can hear Faith Matters every Sunday at 5:00pm on 89.1, Lubbock's Voice of the Arts.