24 Frames: Thrift Store Cowboys

Jun 4, 2014

Lubbock may be known for it's music history with acts such as Buddy Holly and the Flatlanders but the Thrift Store Cowboys have strived and thrived as a musical act in Lubbock worthy of notice. In this story we take a look back at the history of the band as lead singer Daniel Fluitt gets ready to head to Tennessee.

24 Frames: Life and Glass

Jun 4, 2014

In this EMMY nominated segment, glass artist Lee Ware shares his story and how giving up the rat race of the corporate world and following his dream has led to peace of mind and happiness. 

24 Frames: The Perfect Poster

Jun 4, 2014

Many artists strive for perfection and few get there. Nationally renown poster artist Dirk Fowler says he may never get there but he's going to have fun trying. 

In part 2 of our profile on artist Joe Garnett we learn how he was able to overcome his inner demons and find joy in his art. 

Joe Garnett grew up in the small town of Plainview, Texas. After a rough childhood he found his passion in painting and drawing. In Los Angeles he found work as an album cover artist doing work for The Doors, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin and more. In part 1 we hear the story about the Passion of Joe Garnett.