Taking a leap of faith for Camp Lead

Jun 4, 2012

My heart was beating so loud I could hear it rattling in my ears. I’m not sure if I was breathing hard because of the moderate physical activity, or if the jitters were causing me to hyperventilate.  By the time I climbed my way up the 40 foot power pole to attempt a leap of faith, I was just repeating one silent wish in my head; “I hope I don’t fall.” Standing up on that little platform while the pole is shaking beneath you is way harder than it looks…but I found a way to balance myself and I slowly lifted into a stance.

Having Fun at Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue

May 31, 2012

There’s something to be said about people who dedicate their lives to helping those who are helpless. The something I have in mind isn’t great, or even wonderful. It goes much beyond that. I call these special souls, saviors. Ramona Foxworth is one of these saviors who has dreamed of creating a horse haven for her entire life. She made this dream a reality 5 years ago. Ramona has already saved more than 60 horses who came from unfortunate circumstances, and that is putting things lightly.

It's a slow week, but there are some gems here, especially in the "better in Blu" segment.


Goon (2012)
dir. Michael Dowse

Seann William Scott is sort of an analomy, a pretty one note actor but he always entertains. He will never be a Chevy Chase or Bill Murray but he's fun to watch and "Goon" is apparently really funny.

I almost forgot to do this! Let me start over... I DID FORGET TO DO THIS ON TUESDAY! I apologize, thanks for the viewer/reader who reminded me I forgot to recommend DVD picks this week! Without further ado,


Red Tails (2012)
dir. Anthony Hemingway

Produced by George Lucas, and starring some very fine actors I can't imagine this movie isn't at least worth a rental. The aerial battles looked amazing in the trailers and I bet it's worth $1.00 at redbox for that stuff alone!

In my personal opinion these are both attempts to shy away from the giant, sweeping trailers that we've seen so far. Not that those are bad(they are amazing) but after the highly successful use of comedy in the "Avengers" I think these are attempts to sway those casual viewers. thoughts?