9:35 am
Sun July 26, 2015

Between Earth and Sky: Farming on the Last Frontier

Over the course of the production we haven't just been interviewing scientists. Business owners, train conductors, and what we might call just ordinary citizens, have all been included in the film. One of the most unique perspectives we've gotten has come from those who farm the Last Frontier. Alaskan farmers have a unique perspective on just about everything, but one insight we were most interested in was how weather is affecting farming in the state. Not all of which is negative, later winters and earlier summers mean longer growing seasons.

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10:40 am
Thu July 23, 2015

The Bomb: July 28th on KTTZ-TV

U.S and Iran reach a historic nuclear weapon deal. Now, discover the history of the nuclear bomb and unlock the mystery of Uranium in 2 new programs beginning Tuesday, July 28. THE BOMB airs at 7pm, followed by URANIUM: TWISTING THE DRAGON’S TAIL at 9pm on KTTZ-TV

3:02 am
Tue July 21, 2015

Between Earth and Sky: Alaska is a Verb

We've come to decide that Alaska is absolutely a verb, we've been "Alasking" across this beautiful state being mindful of the majesty of the nature and landscape that is in front of us. The people who live in Alaska, or at least everyone we've met, loves and respects the natural world, and takes serious the stewardship of the earth. This is something that has stuck with us as we've made our way north through the LARGEST state. Any time we mention we are from Texas we are reminded that we are second to Alaska in size. At the restaurant tonight, 49th State Brewing Co.

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11:36 am
Sun July 19, 2015

Between Earth and Sky: Meet Elaine

Elaine is our DJI Inspire 1 UAV. She's been flying all over Alaska getting beautiful shots.