Faith Matters

Faith Matters: Christmas Reflections

Jan 2, 2017

Listen in as Faith Matters host Tom McGovern visits with Second Baptist Pastor Ryon Price as the two discuss Christmas Reflections and what Christmas means to them. You can hear Faith Matters every Sunday at 5:00pm on 89.1, Lubbock's Voice of the Arts.

Faith Matters conversation with George Comiskey

Dec 20, 2016

Discussing and reminiscing on the joys of the Holiday Seasons!


Join host Tom McGovern as he visits with Mary Saathoff of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra to discuss how her love of music has been a life long journey.

McDonald is a former NASA Engineer who opposed the Challenger launch and offers a personal look at the tragedy in his book Truth, Lies and O-rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. On January 28, 1986, as the Space Shuttle Challenger broke up over the Atlantic Ocean a mere 73 seconds into its flight, McDonald looked on in shock...despite the fact that the night before, he had refused to sign the launch recommendation over safety concerns. Join host Tom McGovern for this riveting discussion.

KTTZ-FM Faith Matters: Andy Wilkinson

Nov 18, 2016

Faith Matters host visits with singer, songwriter and poet Andy Wilkinson. The two talk about art, love of the south plains and why its always important to listen when someone else is talking!