Faith Matters

Kelsang Chondzin is an American Buddhist nun and is the Resident Teacher of the Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Center in Lubbock, Texas.  Chondzin has been ordained for 7 1/2 years.  Kelsang Chondzin teaches students of all levels of interest at the Center and other venues throughout West Texas.

Faith Matters interview with Jack Thompson

Jul 28, 2014

Jack Thompson, Lubbock attorney and businessman discusses his life, his family, his business philosophies and much more.

Katharine Hayhoe is an Associate Professor in the Public Administration program at Texas Tech University and Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech. 

Andrew P. Farley is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Tech University.  

They discuss climate change and their book “A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith Based Decisions”.

Lisa Viator, PhD, Staff Psychologist and Assistant Director at Texas Tech University Student Counseling Center discusses therapy from a combination of cognitive-behavioral, client-centered and interpersonal orientations.  Dr. Viator also discusses the topic of eating disorders.

Dr. Norman Bert, Professor of Playwriting & Dramatic Structure at Texas Tech University. He has 30-some play scripts under his belt, including Riders of the Golden Sphinx published by Baker’s Plays of Boston, America Shows Her Colors, selected for production by Inner Voices Social Issues (University of Illinois), and Scenes from a Romance, showcased by ATHE’s PlayWorks program.