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On this edition of Inside Texas Tech, we visiting with Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia and current Vice Provost for International Affairs…Ambassador Tibor Nagy. Nagy has advised two Presidential campaigns, serving as Gov. Romney’s Africa policy group chair in 2012 and on then Presidential candidate Obama’s Africa group in 2008. We visited about a wide array of topics regarding a Trump Presidency and we hear some of the Ambassadors predictions for the coming year. Click the link above to take a listen!

Inside Texas Tech: Mind Spa

Jan 13, 2017

Looking for a way to decompress and destress? The MindSpa at the Student Wellness Center might be just what you need. You can relax in a  Zero-G massage chair while listening to relaxing sounds, music or guided mediation. Play XBOX 360 games or do yoga in the newly remodeled Mind & Body Room, designed to help use movement to relax. Also available are a range of biofeedback games to improve your relaxation breathing! These services are available to  Texas Tech students, faculty and staff. I loved it and highly recommend giving it a try if your feeling tense or stressed.

Texas Tech Public Radio is broadcasting a thirteen-week series of concerts by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  Many people in our listening area have heard the DSO at home in the Meyerson Symphony Center.  As we air concert broadcasts by many of the world’s great orchestras, it is appropriate that the Dallas Symphony take its place on Texas Tech Public Radio.  Tune in for these concerts on Thursday evenings at 8pm.

Originally designed for utilitarian purposes, this exhibition of more than 115 accessories, selected from over 2000 examples in the Clothing and Textiles Collection of the Museum of Texas Tech University, demonstrates their evolution into beautiful objects. Intended as protection for the head and feet as well as a way to carry things, hats, shoes and purses have changed with fashion. While maintaining their function they became beautiful objects. It is these fine examples, which are on exhibit through January 15, 2017.