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Visitors to National Ranching Heritage Center Annual Candlelight at the Ranch will step back in time to experience a frontier Christmas December 9-10. The event celebrates Christmas as it might have been on the open prairie from 1780 to 1950. More than 4,000 luminaries lining the paths of the historic park and more than 150 volunteer ranch hosts will dress in period clothing to recreates holiday scenes from another era. The event is free to the public with a minimum suggested $5 donation per family.

Join KTTZ-TV for the 58th Annual Carol of Lights, Texas Tech's celebration of the holiday season Friday, December 2nd @ 6:30 p.m.

Watch the tradition from the comfort of your home.

With the flip of a switch, more than 25,000 colored lights illuminate 18 buildings around Memorial Circle, the Engineering Key and the Broadway Entrance to the campus during Texas Tech University's Carol of Lights®.

Inside Texas Tech: Trump and the Media Precedent

Nov 23, 2016

When President-Elect Donald Trump summons you to Trump Tower, you go. Even if its only to be corrected and told how to do your job! Sources tell Politico and The Wall Street Journal that Trump slammed the networks for their election coverage, especially predictions that turned out to be dead wrong. Sources say he also complained to NBC News President Deborah Turness that the network had used an unflattering photo of him. I think we can all safely say we are in for a ride with this Presidency. Inside Texas Tech's Brandi Blake Lancaster talked with Dr.

KTTZ-FM The Front Row: Gun Show: Art in the era of Campus Carry

Nov 18, 2016

The Texas Tech School of Art will feature in its Landmark Arts Gallery a new exhibit Gun Show: Art in the era of Campus Carry. Local artists as well as those from Oakland, Seattle and the DFW area, to mention a few, highlighting guns in all sorts of physical manifestations. Nothing overtly pro or con, simply art created at the hands of a very talented group of individuals. The exhibit runs through December 18th at the Landmark Arts Gallery.

KTTZ-FM Inside Texas Tech: Rockin with Mark Wood

Nov 18, 2016

If the fiddle is a violin with attitude, the electric violin is a violin with tattoos, piercings, a rap sheet and probably someone mom and dad wont allow you to date. Just ask Mark Wood, one of the founders of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and world famous shredder. What is a shredder? Listen to the story and then get out this weekend and see it for yourself. Wood, the Texas Tech University Symphony Orchestra and almost 1,300 youth violinists will shred the South Plains Fair Grounds Coliseum as part of Wood's Electrify Your Strings Tour November 18th & 19th.