The Brazilian army says it shot dead an escaped jaguar, shortly after the animal was displayed at a ceremony celebrating the Olympic torch in the Amazonian city of Manaus.

The jaguar named Juma had escaped his leash at a zoo affiliated with a local military training center, after appearing earlier at the Olympic event, the military said in a statement.

Ellen Degeneres was at a career low when the role of a weird, little blue fish came along. 

This morning the Board of Regents of the Texas Tech University System voted to select the sole finalist to be the new university president. After deliberation the board announced Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, the university’s current provost and senior vice president, to be the next president of Texas Tech University.

89.1 KTTZ-FM is Now Back on the Air

Jun 15, 2016

Last night the KTTZ-FM radio station 89.1 became temporarily out of service due to the thunderstorms. Our team worked on the problem and we are happy to announce that the station is now back on the air.

We apologize for any inconvenience that our disruption last night may have caused, and appreciate your patience and support. Thank you. 

All Things Considered: Gun Legislation in the US

Jun 15, 2016

Newtown was the mass shooting that was supposed to bring change to national gun laws, but there has been a wave of legistlation at the state level including restrictive new laws. An update on gun laws across the US will be the subject of conversation on today's All Things Considered.

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