Movie Review

24 Frames on 89.1: Man of Steel

Jun 20, 2013
Dusty Deen

On this edition Paul talks about the history of Superman on the big screen and reviews the newest installment "Man of Steel" which opened to 123 Million dollars last weekend making it the biggest film of the summer. 

24 Frames on 89.1: This is the End

Jun 13, 2013
Dusty Deen

This week Paul sits down with film critic Tim Day of Day at the to talk about the alternative to “Man of Steel” this weekend at the theaters, “This is The End” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

24 Frames on 89.1: The Avett Brothers

Jun 6, 2013
Dusty Deen

On this edition of 24 Frames on 89.1, Paul Hunton talks folk music, specifically the wildly popular Avett Brothers. You can hear 24 Frames on 89.1 every Thursday only on Lubbock's Voice of the Arts.