All Songs Considered
12:28 pm
Wed May 16, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along? Our Search For The Albums Everyone Loves

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Originally published on Wed May 16, 2012 1:08 pm

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Field Recordings
10:13 am
Wed May 16, 2012

Debo Band: Ethiopian Funk On A Muggy Afternoon

Katie Hayes Luke for NPR

Originally published on Wed May 16, 2012 11:31 am

Compared to a dark club full of dancing fans, a muggy Austin afternoon with the sun peeking out over our isolated spot at Joe's Crab Shack isn't the ideal setting for a Debo Band performance. But once the group began digging into "Ney Ney Weleba" — a classic song by Alemayehu Eshete — it didn't take long to get caught up in Debo Band's deep, infectious groove.

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Deceptive Cadence
10:02 am
Wed May 16, 2012

Classical Music Is Supreme Today At The Nation's Highest Court

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a dedicated advocate of classical music.
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Originally published on Thu May 17, 2012 1:52 pm

This is a big week for classical music at the Supreme Court. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg provided Alex Ross at The New Yorker with a list of her favorite records.

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Song Of The Day
6:03 am
Wed May 16, 2012

Lindsay Fuller: A Raw, Powerful New Voice

Lindsay Fuller.
Courtesy of the artist

Looking at Lindsay Fuller, you'd never guess that the mild-mannered singer-songwriter can harness harrowing depths and howling pain. But when Fuller opens her mouth to sing, every head in the room turns in her direction. Championed by the likes of Amy Ray and Dave Matthews, Fuller quickly established herself as one of Seattle's most exciting new singers on the strength of a raw, powerful voice and her Southern Gothic-influenced storytelling.

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All Songs Considered Blog
4:51 pm
Tue May 15, 2012

Spinto Band, 'The Living Things': Adventures In The Primordial Ooze

Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Tue May 15, 2012 5:32 pm

Can a song that's about the fragility of life and the struggle to survive make you want to bounce around merrily? Somehow the Spinto Band's new song, "The Living Things," does just that. The song's lyrics that on their own could seem depressing — "true to life and in the flesh / though hanging on by just a thread" for example — are pushed aside by the jangly afrobeat-like melody. It's a song that, even though lead singer Nick Krill's voice wails about how he'll "be no good," leaves you with your toes tapping and a smile on your face.

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