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Robert Bruno's Steel House | 24 Frames

Jun 30, 2015

Take a look at Robert Bruno's awe inspiring Steel House.

24 Frames airs Saturdays at 9 PM on KTTZ-TV​ Ch. 5.

Our guest is James Powell.  Mr. Powell was the chaplain at Covenant Children's hospital and has written a book 'The Corner Room', sharing his tales of struggle and success.

'The Corner Room' is titled after the first journal entry Powell ever wrote about a patient; a terminally ill 15 year old named Chase.

Fall 2015 Preview | 24 Frames

Jun 17, 2015

Check out a sneak peek at the new season of 24 Frames, coming this fall.

Betty Dotts and Ryan Price reflect on the life of Ted Dotts.


Peter S. Beagle | 24 Frames

Jun 9, 2015

A few weeks ago we sat down with Peter S. Beagle​, author of The Last Unicorn​.

24 Frames airs Saturdays at 9 PM on KTTZ-TV​ Ch 5 Texas Tech Public Media.

Check it out: