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Inside Texas Tech: Midterm Elections, Explained

Nov 6, 2014

Midterm elections proved to be a bit of a blow to the President's party, as a GOP sweep of House, Senate and Governor's seats tilted the balance of legislative power out of the hands of Democrats.

Seth McKee, an associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University, explains what the takeover will mean for Obama, and how Texas Tech students played a role in the "repudiation" of Obama's policies. 


When William Westney, Texas Tech music professor and artist-in-residence, met Cynthia Grund, a fellow academic teaching philosophy at the University of Southern Denmark in 2009, a seed was planted that grew into research that's combining philosophy, classical music, and the movements of the human body.

As more and more new buildings go up and renovations of the old continue on the Texas Tech campus, other things are arriving as well - a statue here, a mosaic on that wall, a light installation there.

Inside Texas Tech's Abigail Arroyos chats with The Hub@TTU's Graduate Executive Director, Alicia Keene, about the work that the student publication is doing. 

Housed in Texas Tech's College of Media & Communication, The Hub@TTU is a digital publication that focuses on news produced for and by Texas Tech students - especially those of millennial age.

The Texas Supreme Court traveled to Lubbock on Thursday to hear oral arguments for two cases on their docket, filling the Texas Tech University School of Law's Hunt Courtroom with students and community members eager to hear a supreme court hearing for themselves.