Texas Graduate Initiative

Beginning January 1, 2014, anyone wishing to earn their GED® through the 2002 series GED® test that hasn't passed all five parts, will have to begin again with the new GED® test.  This means if you've taken and passed parts of the test but not all of it, you should complete the unfinished portions before by December 31, 2013 to avoid having to take the entire new test.

KTTZ-TV and other Texas PBS stations will air GED® Connection from now until the end of the year. GED® Connection is a telecourse to help adults advance toward a GED® and improve skills needed in the workplace, touching on writing, mathematics, geography, economics and science. It airs Monday-Saturday from midnight to 1am on Channel 5. The entire GED® Connection series is also available online.

Literacy Lubbock provides tutoring to help you prepare for the GED® test.

Click to find the GED® testing center nearest to you.

The Texas Graduate Initiative is supported by Wells Fargo Bank.