KTTZ-TV and Inside Texas Tech sat down with the former US Ambassador to Islamic Republic of Mauritania, John Limbert, to discuss diplomatic relations with Iranians and finding understanding.

NPR Books: The Case For 1971 As Rock's Greatest Year

Jun 24, 2016

What do Van Morrison's "Domino," the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" and Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" have in common? All of them were recorded or became hits in 1971 — the year music journalist David Hepworth insists is the best year in rock 'n' roll history.

United Kingdom voters sent shockwaves across Europe and beyond with their vote to exit the European Union. The "Brexit" vote stunned the country's political elite, the financial markets and British bookmakers, all of whom had expected a very close vote in favor of remaining in the European Union.

New PBS Kids “Measure Up” App

Jun 23, 2016

School’s out for summer and that means endless days at the pool, but with the new PBS KIDS’ education phone app, children won’t be falling behind anytime soon.

Democrats in the House of Representatives continued their sit-in overnight and into Thursday morning, calling for votes on gun control — despite the fact that in the middle of the night, the GOP defied the protest to pass a Zika funding bill and then adjourn for the July Fourth recess.

The Brazilian army says it shot dead an escaped jaguar, shortly after the animal was displayed at a ceremony celebrating the Olympic torch in the Amazonian city of Manaus.

The jaguar named Juma had escaped his leash at a zoo affiliated with a local military training center, after appearing earlier at the Olympic event, the military said in a statement.

Michael Lopreste imagines it would be easier if he had the sort of job that allowed him to simply walk away from a co-worker's political diatribe. But as sales manager of a high-end furniture chain, he often can't afford to.

"Being in sales, we're kind of this captive audience," Lopreste says. "You know, you want to make the client feel at ease, you want to make them feel important, you want to be able to have a good rapport with them. And a lot of times that manifests itself by being able to mirror back what they're saying, or perfecting the nod and smile."

All Things Considered: Orlando's Recovery

Jun 17, 2016

At the end of a tough week in Orlando, NPR's All Things Considered will check in with people living in the city. For some, it seems a life is frozen just as it was at 2AM on Sunday.

"There have been cars that have been there since Saturday, and they're still there." says a local resident.

Reflecting on the week in Orlando and more will be discussed on today's All Things Considered. Listen at 4pm on 89.1 KTTZ-FM.

Sure, the U.S. economy has problems: income inequality, aging infrastructure and slowing entrepreneurship.

But cheer up, Americans. The latest figures on developed economies show the United States is in far better shape than other countries.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international group that tracks global growth, said Thursday that the United States is making one of the strongest comebacks in the developed world.

Ellen Degeneres was at a career low when the role of a weird, little blue fish came along.